We understand what people want and businesses need
Helping businesses attain sustainable and meaningful growth by first understanding their consumers better.
We build up loyal brand communities
A people-first strategy to business elevation and marketing.
Increasing brand value and market relevance through a shared human connection.
We design future-proof marketing strategies
Enabling brands to drive their own success via upskilling, and building self-sustaining, self-reinforcing marketing systems that maximise results and continuity.
We uphold the local SME community
As one ourselves, we understand the limitations local SMEs face.
Tapping on the Enterprise Development Grant allows us to upgrade fellow brands and ready them for the international stage.
Full-stack brand and business consultancy
Sharpen market and consumer relevance
Industry landscape analysis
Competitor analysis
Brand audit
User research and insights
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Full-stack brand and business consultancy
Scale your business value
People-focused branding
Business value development
Digital transformation
Market future-proofing
Thought leadership and profiling
Brand identity design
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Full-stack brand and business consultancy
Sustain growth and improve capabilities
Internal capabilities training
Integrated marketing strategy
Communications and engagement strategy
Brand community building
Lead acquisition strategy
Customer touchpoint integration
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An extensive
community of partners.

When you work with us, you are joining our network of great, like minded industry players and community leaders.
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An established partner of the Enterprise Development Grant

Your guide across the harsh business climate

Whether you are an established brand, local enterprise or budding entrepreneur, AKÏN is committed to work with you to drive exceeding business outcomes. With us, you can expect:
Structured onboarding
To kickstart, we take effort in aligning the challenges, objectives and expectations across all at the table to set a shared goal. We will then involve and guide you along every step of the process to ensure that this is a success you identify with and own personally. This is the AKÏN experience.
Progressive roll out
Here at AKÏN, we do not catapult from challenge to implementation overnight. Instead, we advocate planning a tiered and progressive roadmap, recalibrating as we go along. This is to ensure that our solution truly addresses the core of the issue and can stand the test of time.
Objective results
Branding and marketing should not be subjective. We build our brand strategy around tangible and measurable ROIs, and build systems to capture and track prospective data for future business decisions. A proper report card for your branding investment.
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