Brand identity design

A visual and textual brand refresh to materialise the new business proposition and brand architecture. This covers the brand's logos, emblems, and motifs, as well as tonality guides and personalised key messages.

Connect with people
AKÏN’s propriety Human Brand Methodology amplifies a brand’s human characteristics to drive greater consumer relevance and resonance. Using this framework, we can help to reset your business proposition, narrative and engagement to bring the brand closer to people.
Dress for success
A good brand visual should communicate who you are and what your brand stands for. When it comes to brand design, AKÏN allows the brand narrative and personality to inform and lead the visual style, as opposed to painting a hollow façade. This builds up your brand’s identity to speak for itself.
Be a familiar voice
Having a voice that people can identify with allows your brand to cut through the barrage of marketing messages. AKÏN helps brands articulate their brand persona and tonality so that they can establish a clear connection with their intended communities.
Leveraging on Enterprise Development Grant
To help Singaporean companies future proof their business proposition and market positioning, AKÏN is riding on the EDG to aid them in tackling brand and marketing challenges, without compromising on day-to-day operations and resources.

Trusted by Singapore enterprises and MNCs alike

Launch ahead

It only takes 15 seconds for consumers to decide if they like your brand. Let's make it impactful!