Brand audit

A full online and offline examination of your current brand proposition, positioning, messages, and consumer touchpoints. This benchmarks the current systems’ effectiveness and identifies areas for improvement.

Connect with people
AKÏN’s propriety Human Brand Methodology amplifies a brand’s human characteristics to drive greater consumer relevance and resonance. Using this framework, we can help to reset your business proposition, narrative and engagement to bring the brand closer to people.
Review, revise & revolutionise
At AKÏN, we perform an end-to-end, online-to-offline examination of your current brand performance to uncover potential loopholes and growth spaces. By bridging these gaps, we can elevate your brand value and plot for greater expansion.
Supersize your brand offering
Discover the true potential of your brand through the lens of consumer insights and quality data. With an upgraded value proposition, we can switch up your brand architecture, expand your product range and multiply your marketing chains.
Leveraging on Enterprise Development Grant
To help Singaporean companies future proof their business proposition and market positioning, AKÏN is riding on the EDG to aid them in tackling brand and marketing challenges, without compromising on day-to-day operations and resources.

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