Customer touchpoints integration

To ensure effective roll out, we determine the various consumer touch points and road map how to capture and nurture audiences across selected markets, from all fronts. This includes Above-The-Line and Below-The-Line tactical bursts, as well as optimising both online and offline customer journeys.

Connect with people
AKÏN’s propriety Human Brand Methodology amplifies a brand’s human characteristics to drive greater consumer relevance and resonance. Using this framework, we can help to reset your business proposition, narrative and engagement to bring the brand closer to people.
Gain marketing momentum
The more continuous a customer’s journey, the greater the payoff. Our experiences in designing seamless online-to-offline marketing ecosystems allow us to cycle campaign momentum and drive bigger results. Do not waste your marketing dollars in isolation.
Connect deeper with audiences
People seek out brands that understand and empathise with them. AKÏN’s content modelling frameworks help brands to distil topics and issues that resonate with their intended audiences. Meaningful engagement begets fruitful brand-consumer relationships, which in turn begets loyal communities.
Leveraging on Enterprise Development Grant
To help Singaporean companies future proof their business proposition and market positioning, AKÏN is riding on the EDG to aid them in tackling brand and marketing challenges, without compromising on day-to-day operations and resources.

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