Digital transformation

Digitising the business core to scale service delivery, evolve the business offering, and open up new market segments. Instead of tackling isolated, ad-hoc digital projects such as building a new website, we question how digital innovation can be the gamechanger for your line of work.

Connect with people
AKÏN’s propriety Human Brand Methodology amplifies a brand’s human characteristics to drive greater consumer relevance and resonance. Using this framework, we can help to reset your business proposition, narrative and engagement to bring the brand closer to people.
Disrupt the industry norm
True digital transformation happens when innovation reinvents the current business proposition and breaks the status quo. AKÏN leverages on technology to challenge the way things are done and to elevate your brand as an industry inventor.
Scale internationally
Prepare for the next step in brand expansion. AKÏN readies a brand to contextualise its business proposition across new markets, each with their own competitive landscape and user predispositions.
Leveraging on Enterprise Development Grant
To help Singaporean companies future proof their business proposition and market positioning, AKÏN is riding on the EDG to aid them in tackling brand and marketing challenges, without compromising on day-to-day operations and resources.

Trusted by Singapore enterprises and MNCs alike

Launch ahead

Your brand is powerful. Let it lead the industry forward!